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Homosexuality & the Church

There is no way to turn back the clocks of time! The Church of Jesus Christ is facing one of the greatest challenges in its history! For the past ten to twenty years the gay rights movement has been infiltrating every segment of society with their propaganda that gays compose 10% of society. They are demanding the same rights as any minority group. They preach tolerance, but they will not tolerate anyone who refutes their claims! They have found the best methods for winning the battle is one, to use the courts and two, to infiltrate every segment of society. They are successfully winning many church denominations over to their view point. Any who oppose them are declared to be a homophobe and hate-monger.

How can the church fight this battle? First of all, the church must remain true to the authenticity of the Scriptures and that the Scriptures are inspired by God. The church must not re-interpret the Scriptures as the gay rights movement has done.

Secondly, the church must learn the facts about homosexuality. Do people choose to be homosexual, are people born gay or is there a third option?

A lot of research has been conducted to prove that homosexuals are born gay. Not everybody in the field of psychology believes that people are born gay. There is a third option which says that people are a product of environmental influences. Added to this the Scriptures teach that everyone has sinned and fallen short of fulfilling Godís will. Everyone is a fallen person who is capable of committing any sin. Sexual sin, including homosexuality is a part of the fall. What is meant by environmental influences? A study of child development gives us the answer. Both boys and girls bond with the mother at birth. The mother is the major care-giver at the beginning of life. A girl continues to bond with the mother into adulthood. The father has an influence over a daughter but mother is the major influence. If something occurs that hinders a girl bonding with the mother, she may develop a homosexual ideation called lesbianism. Sexual abuse often produces that affect. The girl, who is abused, often rejects her own femininity in order to protect her from male attention. It is estimated that one out of four girls have been sexually abused.

Development for a boy is different. From about eighteen months until four to five years of age, he must transition his bonding from the mother to the father. If for any reason, something hinders this transition, the boy will continue to bond with the mother which confuses his masculine identity. He will grow up feeling more feminine and will find the male figure to be a mystery. The boy learns from his father before any other masculine figure. He must identify with his fatherís masculinity. If a father is absent, is harsh or lacks an understanding of his son this transfer can be hindered. Men who fail to identify with their sons personality often produce a homosexual ideation. As to sexual abuse, it is now believed that one out of six boys has been sexually abused. Later, boys must also identify with other boys. If a boy enters school and is not accepted by his peers, he may believe he is different from other boys. Not all boysí temperament allows him to be rough and tumble and to take chances like other guys. A father needs to understand this and accept his son where he is and teach him that it is okay to be who he is. Not every boy will be sports minded! But every boy must feel accepted by his father and by his peers.

It is a god-given fact that all children are born to identify with their same sex parent. Whenever that is hindered, for whatever reason, it creates a longing within the soul to be like the same sex parent. Itís like a ďhungerĒ that needs filling. If a girl has found it unsafe to be a girl- she will turn to the same sex for her emotional needs to be met. If a boy continues to feel bonded to his mother he will look longingly at men and boys, desiring to be like them. For both sexes, when a child reaches puberty this longing to be like the same sex turns sexual in nature. Boys may feel differently than other guys but long to be like them. Girls do the same. Most people struggling with same sex attractions have felt that way from their earliest memories. They donít understand their homosexual feelings. They act upon them out of a deep desire to fill the emptiness in their soul.

Since a person is not born gay and they did not choose to have homosexual feelings and desires, what should be the churches response? First, come to understand the causes of homosexuality. Secondly, treat gays with love and accept them as they are. Jesus accepted people where they were and taught them the truth about themselves. Loving and accepting a person where they are, doesnít mean we offer them membership and voting positions in the church, or to elect them to leadership positions. Homosexuality is a learned behavior. Homosexuality does not rub off! Some gays have believed the lie so deeply they donít believe they can change. But there are thousands who struggle who not wish to be gay. They desire to change for religious and family reasons. Gay men and lesbians long for acceptance and love. When they are in church and discover that people love them in spite of all they are and have done, they may make a decision for Christ and be converted. They can find freedom from the homosexual desires. Jesus loves those who have sinned and he offers everyone salvation through his death on the cross.

What else should a church do? The church should train mentors who will love and accept gay men and women where they are and work with them toward recovery. Jesus said, ďGo into the entire world and preach the gospel to every person, including those who are homosexuals.Ē

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