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The Myths of Homosexuality

The myths surrounding homosexuality began with Alfred Kinsey’s report that was written in 1948 for men and 1952 for women. A close study of Kinsey’s research methods reveals inadequate research followed by faulty outcomes. He chose mostly deviants and a variety of sexual rebels, including incarcerated criminals, streetwalkers, prostitutes and other miscellaneous riff-raff in his study. He engaged in category manipulation. He proposed that these individuals represented the “normal population.” (1) Why didn’t he study men and women from every walk of life? What was he afraid of? His methods flawed the outcomes of his research. Also Kinsey refused to publish the data upon which he based his conclusions and he refused to reveal the questionnaire he used with his participants. Kinsey was also a pedophile who developed sexual relationships with small boys. It is believed that his orientation influenced his research. He even forced his staff to engage in deviant behavior in order to produce some of his research results. The women he interviewed were mostly sexually unconventional women since other women refused to respond to his research questions. He presented promiscuity as normal to society. The outcome of his research influenced the sexual revolution that has influenced society ever since. There are many who are teaching the truth about homosexuality but society is accepting the gay agenda rather than scientific evidence. 

 Kinsey's studies stated that homosexuals constitute 10% of American Society. This study influenced research in the field of homosexuality. Many researchers begin with the premise that people are born either gay or heterosexual. They discount any environmental or spiritual causes that influence gender identity. When a researcher approaches a study with pre-conceived beliefs the outcome of the research will be flawed. During the last forty to fifty years a number of studies have been conducted since Kinsey’s research. Some of those studies have been conducted on the hormonal affects of a person’s orientation. Most of those studies were conducted on too few persons and those few died of AIDS. One such study was the hypothalamus study in the brain. This research found the hypothalamus was smaller in gay men than in heterosexual men. Was there any large studies done on heterosexual men who had died of normal causes? There was not. Besides, could AIDS have an influence on the size of the hypothalamus? Or did the gay lifestyle have an influence on the size of the hypothalamus? This research did not research other areas of concern. Other studies were conducted on identical twins. In the twin studies the results were that only 52% of the cases were both gay. What happened to the other 48% since they carry the same genetic makeup? The ratio with non-twin brothers was only 9%. If homosexuality was genetic why would not the percentages have been higher? Another study was conducted on brain development in both male and female fetuses. Testosterone produces changes in the male fetus and estrogen produces changes in the female fetus. Large injections of these hormones were injected into rats. Changes were made in laboratory animals, but never on humans. This study did not produce any proof that high doses of estrogen or testosterone levels have any influence on homosexuality.

Homosexuality has become a political issue because of the claim that 10% of society is homosexual. Society has bought the lie about each of these studies. More recent studies covering a wider range of participants have shown that only 2.8% of males and 1.4% of females in the United State are either gay or lesbian. It has also been found that only 2.5% of males are exclusively gay and 1.4 % of females. Dr. Spitzer, a research psychologist, who was instrumental in 1973 in removing homosexuality as a mental illness form the diagnostic tool in psychology (DSM III) realized that many gay men were changing their orientation. In 2003 he interviewed two hundred ex-gay men across the nation and reported that men who were greatly motivated changed their orientation. He has since received severe criticism. He verified what many others in psychology have believed. The gay rights movement has asked for his resignation from his position and he has also received death threats.

It is time for the church to speak up about the truth of homosexuality. Christians interested in more detailed information about these studies or other resources to understand homosexuality may contact Elton Moose, Ph.D.

l. The Kinsey Corruption by Susan Brinkmann by Ascension Press

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