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Professional Christian Counseling
An NCCA licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor and Certified Sexual Therapist offers one-on-one counseling. The counselor is trained to counsel homosexuals and those with sexual addictions. Fees are based upon a personís income. Please contact us for further information.

Support Groups
Weekly meetings are held in Springfield and Cedarville, Ohio. Members discuss their struggles and discover how they can overcome homosexuality through Christ. Prayer is a part of every meeting.

Under the leaderís guidance, members may exchange phone numbers for additional support in between meetings. Individuals living too far from Springfield and Cedarville, Ohio may be referred to another ministry closer to their home.

We inform members of the latest research as well as ways to avoid common falsehoods concerning homosexuality. New Pathways is committed to helping members develop a strong relationship with Christ as the primary catalyst to overcoming a homosexual lifestyle.

New Pathways educates churches by mentoring pastors and board members how to respond to a church member or a person of the community that struggles with homosexual issues.

Everyone that calls about joining New Pathwaysí ministry is screened prior to revealing information about group meetings. New Pathways is committed to protecting a memberís anonymity and confidentiality.

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